Smart WiFi based Irrigation Controllers

Next time you change your irrigation controller (timer), either because it’s worn out, hit by lightning, or you want to save some water while keeping your landscaping looking good, I suggest you consider installing one of the new WiFI based Smart Controllers.

The new Smart Controllers use weather data from local sources to adjust the watering cycle, or skip watering all together, making them much more water efficient than traditional controllers on the market. They have a cloud based interface with your smartphone, tablet or desktop so you don’t need to run to the garage to change settings or run the system manually. Most can be controlled by Nest, Alexa, Wink, and other forms of home automation.  Smart controllers have been on the market for years but they were complex and expensive, relegating them to high end commercial applications with professional operators.  This new generation is very easy to use and is comparable in price to other less capable controllers on the market.

For a great comparison of the 4 most popular Smart Controllers on the market, check out this link:

If you have any questions about Smart Controllers, please give us a call.

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