Soil Moisture Sensors

The University of Florida has been testing a number of water saving technologies that can be added to automatic irrigation systems.  In a recent series of tests comparing rain sensors, ‘smart’ controllers, and soil moisture sensors installed on several hundred ‘typical’ residential homes around the state, as well as in test plots in UF testing centers, the places with soil moisture sensors installed were saving between 25% and 75% of irrigation water depending on factors such as rainfall and time of year. That is nearly double the savings of the other technologies tested.  The most exciting finding was that the payback period for Soil Moisture Sensors can be as short as one year, while water savings go on for as long as the system is installed.

If you are interested in more detail about Soil Moisture Sensors and some of the work being done at UF you can find more information at:

If you are interested in discussing Soil Moisture Sensors and would like to get an estimate to have one installed, please give us a call.

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