2014-08-16 11.07.26


Have you ever noticed that one of the sprinkler heads in your yard refused to pop up or pop back down? There are a lot of reasons why heads get stuck but one of the most dramatic is tree roots.

Roots seek water. When your system runs, a small amount of extra water leaks around the seals in the head or splashes back from hitting the grass and a puddle forms around each head. Normally this isn’t a problem, the extra water soaks into the ground or evaporates, it just takes a little longer than for the rest of the yard. But if a tree is growing nearby, the roots are seeking out the extra water and will often grow over, under, and around the sprinkler head. Over time the roots get bigger and thicker and will often ‘squeeze’ the sprinkler head till it no longer works.

Over the years I’ve cut a lot of roots. In some cases I was able to cut the roots and keep the broken sprinkler head in tact. Here are a couple examples.

2014-08-16 11.22.54

This head was stuck in the up position. The roots were holding it there.


2014-08-16 11.23.52

This little guy is completely wrapped in one big root.  It’s hard to even see the nozzle.





2014-08-16 11.25.06

In this case the roots grew around the head and the pipes feeding the head.


If you think the roots are causing problems with your irrigation system give us a call and make an appointment.

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