Pasco License

Big news for North Tampa Irrigation Service, LLC.  We recently learned that Pasco County is beginning to more rigorously enforce contractor licensing laws.  In the past, the only time an irrigation contractor needed a license was when they ‘pulled a permit’ to either install or renovate an irrigation system.  Their new policy is to require a specialty irrigation license for any company that ‘…advertises and performs irrigation work in the county.’ according to a representative of Pasco County Contractor Licensing.

We never felt we needed to be licensed in Pasco, we didn’t do installations and we didn’t pull permits, but with the changes in policy, we thought it best to get a Pasco County Irrigation Contractor license.

You can now find North Tampa Irrigation- Contractor ID # 021783 – on the Pasco County ‘PAPA’ site:

As well as on the Hillsborough County – License # SP14043 – in the Hillsborough County web site –

As a final note, always use a competent, professional contractor for repairs around your home.  One way to check on who is working at your home is to verify that they have an up-to-date license in your county.

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