Monthly Archives: September 2012

Fall Irrigation

It is now officially fall.  The days are a little shorter and the rain is a little less frequent.  This past summer, nature was doing a great job of keeping everything green and happy in your lawn and landscaping. But when fall comes, we normally need to give nature a little help keeping the lawn green. So this is a great time to give that long neglected irrigation system some thought.  A lot of my customers have had the system turned off for the past 4, 6 or even 10 months. Last winter and spring were mild and this past summer was pleasantly rainy.  Normally the fall and winter are drier and although the lawn needs significantly less water, it still needs some water to maintain itself.

I recommend to my customers that they take a minute and do a basic ‘fall irrigation check’. Turn on each station at the timer and check to be sure the heads are all popping up, there’s nothing broken and spraying up in the air, and there are no floods or washouts.  If anything seems out of order, give up a call and schedule a tune-up.