Is it really broken?

Well that was short lived.  I do have a few things to say about solving problems with your irrigation system.  It may someday turn into an entire series of suggestions about how to diagnose problems and begin to tell the difference between what you (or your brother-in-law/neighbor/lawn guy) can fix on your own and what needs professional help to solve.

Most modern irrigation systems are surprisingly simple.  They consist of a water source (water meter, well, pump on a lake, etc), a timer or controller, some way to turn the water on and off and direct it to certain areas of the yard (valves and pipes) and sprinkler heads (sprays, rotors, drip, maxijets, bubblers, etc).  Get the water and get it to where it’s needed…simple, right?

Because I want to initially focus on troubleshooting let’s ignore the design and installation stuff and assume your have a ‘good’ irrigation system that’s just not working. Where do you start?  The easiest thing is to call me and I’ll come fix it, but that may not be the most cost effective thing to do.

Where I normally start by asking a couple of questions.  

  • Is the water on?
  • Is the timer on?
  • Is the rain sensor wet?


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